Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #183 - 8/25/04

The Name Game: Every Tom...


1. He blinded us with science: Thomas Dolby
2. Motley Crue's drummer/amateur porn star
: Tommy Lee
3. In the 1970s, he "lives on the road;" in the 1990s, he married Mariah Carey
Tommy Mottola
4. Aerosmith's bassist
: Tom Hamilton
5. A Traveling Wilbury
: Tom Petty
6. Suzanne Vega acapella hit later remixed
: "Tom's Diner"
7. Boston's guitarist
: Tom Scholz
8. He sang about "Painted Ladies" in 1973 and his brother was a MacKenzie
; Ian Thomas (his brother, Dave Thomas, was "Doug MacKenzie")
9. Bluegrassy character mentioned in the Grateful Dead's "Mountains of the Moon"
: Tom Banjo
10. He called Jenny at 867-5309
: Tommy Tutone
11. He walked the dog, did the funky chicken, and did the push and pull
: Rufus Thomas
12. He hung down his head and cried
: "Tom Dooley"
13. The pride of Pontypridd, Wales, where it's not unusual to sing
: Tom Jones
14. A guitarist and vocalist for both Styx and Damn Yankees
: Tommy Shaw
15. Raindrops kept falling on his head
: B. J. Thomas
16. Rush's "Monday warrior"
: "Tom Sawyer"
17. The main characters in Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"
: Tommy and Gina

Bonus: He asked "Why Can't We Live Together" in 1973....rumor has it that KC played on his song" Timmy Thomas; will someone please clear this up?

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