Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #183 - 8/25/04

The Name Game: Every Tom...

More Name Game quizzes, which you should have figured out by now; every answer this week has a version of the name "Thomas" in it. And no, Tom Servo isn't included.

1. He blinded us with science
2. Motley Crue's drummer/amateur porn star
3. In the 1970s, he "lives on the road;" in the 1990s, he married Mariah Carey
4. Aerosmith's bassist
5. A Traveling Wilbury
6. Suzanne Vega acapella hit later remixed
7. Boston's guitarist
8. He sang about "Painted Ladies" in 1973 and his brother was a MacKenzie
9. Bluegrassy character mentioned in the Grateful Dead's "Mountains of the Moon"
10. He called Jenny at 867-5309
11. He walked the dog, did the funky chicken, and did the push and pull
12. He hung down his head and cried
13. The pride of Pontypridd, Wales, where it's not unusual to sing
14. A guitarist and vocalist for both Styx and Damn Yankees
15. Raindrops kept falling on his head
16. Rush's "Monday warrior"
17. The main characters in Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"

Bonus: He asked "Why Can't We Live Together" in 1973....rumor has it that KC played on his song

Good Luck!!!

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