Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #182 - 8/18/04

The Name Game: ...To Pay Paul


1. Art Garfunkel's associate: Paul Simon
2. Their hits included "Love Will Find a Way" and "Cool Love"
: Pablo Cruise
3. Hey, hey, I wanna marry you
: Paul and Paula
4. Composer of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
: Paul Dukas
5. The Raiders keyboard player, and yes, it was his real name
: Paul Revere
6. He virtually invented the electric guitar
: Les Paul
7. He wrote the English words to "My Way" and the Johnny Carson theme, among others
: Paul Anka
8. His hits included "Do Right" and "Cool Night"
: Paul Davis
9. Linda's husband
: Paul McCartney
10. He and Mrs. Jones, they had a thing, going on
: Billy Paul
11. Jamaican "Dutty Rock" rapper
: Sean Paul
12. Spanish-born cellist of the mid-20th century
: Pablo Casals
13. He covered "Every Time You Go Away" in the '80s
: Paul Young
14. Peter and Mary's partner
: Paul Stookey
15. An original Temptation
: Paul Williams
16. French orchestra leader who had a Number One hit with "Love is Blue" in 1968
: Paul Mauriat
17. He sang lead with both Ace and Mike + The Mechanics
: Paul Carrack

Bonus: His CD releases include "Abba Pater," "From Rome to America" and "The Rosary": Pope John Paul II

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