Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #182 - 8/18/04

The Name Game: ...To Pay Paul

And everyone this week has the name "Paul."

1. Art Garfunkel's associate
2. Their hits included "Love Will Find a Way" and "Cool Love"
3. Hey, hey, I wanna marry you
4. Composer of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
5. The Raiders keyboard player, and yes, it was his real name
6. He virtually invented the electric guitar
7. He wrote the English words to "My Way" and the Johnny Carson theme, among others
8. His hits included "Do Right" and "Cool Night"
9. Linda's husband
10. He and Mrs. Jones, they had a thing, going on
11. Jamaican "Dutty Rock" rapper
12. Spanish-born cellist of the mid-20th century
13. He covered "Every Time You Go Away" in the '80s
14. Peter and Mary's partner
15. An original Temptation
16. French orchestra leader who had a Number One hit with "Love is Blue" in 1968
17. He sang lead with both Ace and Mike + The Mechanics

Bonus: His CD releases include "Abba Pater," "From Rome to America" and "The Rosary"

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #182 Answers

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