Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #178 - 7/21/04

CAT's Meow

All of the answers this week start with the letters C-A-T. Or maybe K-A-T.

1. The Dave Clark Five dared us, "Here we come again, oooo...."
2. Harry Chapin's only Number One hit, from 1974.
3. Pretty Poison and Real Life both had hits with songs with this title
4. Barbra Streisand recorded "Memory" from this Broadway musical
5. Their biggest hit was "Walking on Sunshine"
6. I die each time, I hear that sound, here he comes, that's...
7. Donovan's first U.S. hit, from 1965
8. This Perry Como standard was based on a Brahms melody
9. The Jerry Garcia Band's 1978 album
10. Their 1969 medley hit was "Good Old Rock 'n' Roll"
11. The redhead in the B-52s
12. 90s rock band who recorded the album "Happy Days"
13. One of Ted Nugent's more famous songs
14. The Go-Go's bassist
15. Her hits included "Just Another Dream" and "Too Many Walls"
16. Bob Seger's Asian destination
17. You can call this "Wild World" singer Yusef Islam now

Bonus: MST3K movie that featured Little Richard, Carol Connors, and a title song by Mary Wells

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #178 Answers

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