Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #178 - 7/21/04

CAT's Meow


1. The Dave Clark Five dared us, "Here we come again, oooo....": "Catch Us If You Can"
2. Harry Chapin's only Number One hit, from 1974
; "Cat's in the Cradle"
3. Pretty Poison and Real Life both had hits with songs with this title
: "Catch Me I'm Falling"
4. Barbra Streisand recorded "Memory" from this Broadway musical
: Cats
5. Their biggest hit was "Walking on Sunshine"
: Katrina and the Waves
6. I die each time, I hear that sound, here he comes, that's...
: "Cathy's Clown"
7. Donovan's first U.S. hit, from 1965
: "Catch the Wind"
8. This Perry Como standard was based on a Brahms melody
: "Catch a Falling Star"
9. The Jerry Garcia Band's 1978 album
; "Cats Under the Stars"
10. Their 1969 medley hit was "Good Old Rock 'n' Roll"
: Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys
11. The redhead in the B-52s
: Kate Pierson
12. 90s rock band who recorded the album "Happy Days"
: Catherine Wheel
13. One of Ted Nugent's more famous songs
: "Cat Scratch Fever"
14. The Go-Go's bassist
: Kathy Valentine
15. Her hits included "Just Another Dream" and "Too Many Walls"
: Cathy Dennis
16. Bob Seger's Asian destination
: "Katmandu"
17. You can call this "Wild World" singer Yusef Islam now
: Cat Stevens

Bonus: MST3K movie that featured Little Richard, Carol Connors, and a title song by Mary Wells: Catalina Caper

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