Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #177- 7/14/04

Electric Light Orchestra

What Steely Dan was to jazz, Queen was to opera, and Chicago was to big-band music, ELO was to orchestral music: a fusion of that music with the basic rock genre. Jeff Lynne was no slouch in the producer's chair, either. Here are a few quiz questions for which I hope you will have more than 'No Answer.'

1. Jeff Lynne is from what U.K. city?
2. What two orchestral instruments were featured in ELO?
3. This appropriate Chuck Berry cover was ELO's first chart hit in the United States.
4. Which ELO album from 1974 featured a cover photo of Dorothy's ruby slippers?
5. "Can't Get It Out of My Head" holds what distinction?
6. Of "Livin' Thing," "Strange Magic," and "Evil Woman," which was the only one to make the Top Ten in the United States?
7. This 1976 greatest hits release had a palindromic title (it read the same backwards and forwards).
8. What ELO tour included a giant spaceship?
9. What ELO song ends with an electronic voice saying "Please turn me over?"
10. What ELO song does not include the word "Bruce," though everyone thinks it does?
11.  ELO teamed up with Olivia Newton-John for this great soundtrack to a disastrous movie.
12. Which ELO hit of the early '80s included a verse in French?
13. What was ELO's last chart hit in the United States, from 1986?
14. In 1987, Jeff Lynne produced the comeback album "Cloud Nine" for who?
15.What was Jeff Lynne's Traveling Wilburys pseudonym on the first album?
16. Jeff Lynne produced the two "reunited" Beatles singles for the Beatles Anthology project. What were they?
17. What was the name of the ELO album released in 2001?

Bonus: What Beatles song has Jeff Lynne stated as being the inspiration for his entire career?

Good Luck!!!

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