Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #171 - 6/2/04

Around The World: World Cities


1. Their hit was "I've Been Thinking About You": Londonbeat
2. Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe recorded this song for the Olympics
: "Barcelona"
3. Beginning Of The End song also featured on the soundtrack of "Blues Brothers 2000"
: Funky Nassau
4. John Denver's last chart hit, from 1982
: "Shanghai Breezes"
5. Terri Nunn's group
: Berlin
6. Believe it or not, Lawrence Welk had a Number One hit with this song in 1960
: "Calcutta"
7. A 1962 hit for Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
: "Midnight in Moscow"
8. Murray Head's 1985 hit from the musical "Chess"
: "One Night in Bangkok"
9. Jimmy Buffett's 1976 album:
"Havana Daydreamin'"
10. Falco's followup to "Rock Me Amadeus"
: "Vienna Calling"
11. Supertramp's live album
; "Paris"
12. Madonna sings this on the soundtrack of the movie "Evita"
: "Buenos Aires"
13. A Deep Purple classic from 1973: "Woman from Tokyo"
14. They Might Be Giants recorded this "turkey"
: "Istanbul, Not Constantinople"
15. Their hit was "Does Your Mama Know About Me" and their guitarist was Tommy Chong
: Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers
16. A Charlie Daniels Band song about a Vietnam veteran's troubles
: "Still In Saigon"
17. Crosby, Stills, & Nash rode this in 1969
: "Marrakesh Express"

Bonus: What are the three world cities mentioned in the lyrics of "Pop Muzik?": London, Paris, Munich

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