Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #104 - 2/19/03


Anybody want to play Pyramid? You won't get $25,000 here, and you won't get to meet Dick Clark or Donny Osmond, but you can still have fun with this quiz. Pretend you are in the Winner's Circle and I am describing these things for you. Here is your first subject. Go!

1. Because you want to get front row seats; because you're afraid you can't get through to Ticketmaster on the phone
2. Rubber Soul; Revolver; Help; Magical Mystery Tour
3. "I have four strings and a low sound and Paul McCartney and Victor Wooten and John Paul Jones and Flea play me"
4. Chicago; Boston; Miami Sound Machine; Black Oak Arkansas
5. Joe; Michael; Millie; Janet
6. Abba, Ace of Base, Cardigans
7. Natalie Cole; Jakob Dylan; Julian Lennon; Nancy Sinatra
8. "I'm a West Coast rapper named after a Peanuts character, and I was acquitted of murder, and I just released my latest CD"
10. Because you didn't like the CD; because you found it at another store for a better price; because someone gave it to you as a gift and you already had it
11. Donna Summer; Chic; Village People; Sister Sledge
12.Carlos Santana; Los Lobos; Richie Valens; Linda Ronstadt
13. Sly and the Family Stone; Ten Years After; Joe Cocker; Richie Havens
14. Vee; Vinton; Rydell; Brown
15. Ringo Starr; John Bonham; Alex Van Halen; Buddy Rich
16. "I'm the lead singer of the Rolling Stones and I'm turning 60 this year and I have big lips!"
17. Wolfman Jack; Casey Kasem; Rick Dees; Murray the K

Bonus: "The Streak;" "Disco Duck;" "Gimme Dat Ding;" "My Girl Bill"

Good Luck!!!

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