Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #101 - 1/29/03

Numbers 101

Wow, we've made it to 101 quizzes! Each artist below has recorded a song that contains, in the title, the number preceding the artist name on this list. Yes, it jumps around. Unlike our Rock Around the Clock quiz, none of the songs below refer to times of day. Well, maybe that second to last one does.

0. The Fixx
1. Three Dog Night
2. Grass Roots
3. Green Jelly
4. Boyz II Men
5. Lou Bega
7. Fleetwood Mac
8. The Beatles
9. John Lennon
11. The Grateful Dead
16. Neil Sedaka
17. Stray Cats
18. Pete Wingfield
19. Steely Dan
24. Gene Pitney
25. Chicago
99. Nena

Bonus: Tommy Tutone

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #101 Answers

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