Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #50 - 2/6/02

Rock Around The Clock

For our 50th quiz, let's go through a whole day with lyrics referring to the clock. The X should be replaced by a word, or series of words, that designate a specific time of day, like "3:30" or "five minutes to midnight." Remember all the different ways we can designate time.

1. "After X, we're gonna let it all hang down" (Eric Clapton)
2. "X, headed for the subway home/I took my time, cause I felt so all alone" (The Spinners)
3. "Don't you know that I danced, I danced till a X" (Gary U.S. Bonds)
4. "It's X, there's too much noise, don't you people ever wanna go to bed?" (Rolling Stones)
5."X, ain't feeling tired, no no no no" (Leo Sayer)
6."X, crapped out, yawning" (Paul Simon)
7."Wednesday morning at X, as the day begins" (Beatles)
8. "This old engine makes it on time, leaves Central Station 'bout X" (Grateful Dead)
9. "And if you're train's on time, you can get to work by X" (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
10. "X bells ring, you know it's my cue/I'm gonna meet the boys on floor number 2 " (Brownsville Station/Motley Crue)
11. "You can be there by X 'cause I made your reservation/Don't be slow" (The Monkees)
12. "It's a X world when the whistle blows" (Vogues)
13. "Inside outside where have I been/Out of my brain on the X" (The Who)
14. "It's X and I wanna rock/Wanna get a belly full of beer" (Elton John)
15. "What's that honey? Pick you up at X? And don't be late?" (The Big Bopper)
16. "Getting late, I just can't wait/X and I know I gotta hit the road" (Kiss)
17. "X Tick-Tock" (U2)

Bonus: "Should I try to do some more? X" (Chicago)

Good Luck!!!

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