Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #96 - 12/25/02

The Name Game: Mary

Here's another entry in our The Name Game series. All of this week's answers contain a version of the name Mary - remember nicknames and other language versions. Now why would we pick this name on the 25th?

1. The Association's first hit, from 1966
2. A Supreme
3. Broadway singer best known for her role as Peter Pan
4. She was "Torn Between Two Lovers" in 1977
5. Rick James' favorite "girl" - or was it really a drug reference?
6. She's a little bit country
7. When I find myself in times of trouble, she comes to me
8. "No More Drama" singer
9. Nursery rhyme recorded by Wings in 1972
10. She walked away in a Boston song
11. Their only hit was "In My House" in 1985
12. Repetitively-titled Monkees song
13. Repetitively-titled Santana song
14. Harry Belafonte's Christmas song
15. She's the name of his latest flame in this Elvis song
16. Scottish band whose big albums were "Automatic" and "Honey's Dead"
17. "Midnight at the Oasis" singer

Bonus: Tom Petty's 1994 hit, the video of which starred Kim Basinger as a corpse

Super Bonus: Lead trumpeter of the salsa band "Cubanismo"

Good Luck!!!

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