Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #93 - 12/4/02

The Name Game: Charles

Here's another entry in our The Name Game series. Since the most famous Christmas story was written by Charles Dickens, all of this week's answers contain a version of the name Charles - remember nicknames and other language versions.

1. He's "really rockin' in Boston, Pittsburgh P.A., deep in the heart of Texas, and out in Frisco Bay, all over St. Louis, and down in New Orleans"
2. Rolling Stones drummer
3. He got "Behind Closed Doors" in 1973
4. Legendary blind pianist, soul singer, and owner of "Ray's Music Exchange"
5. He sang "Black Pearl" in 1969
6. The most famous African-American country singer
7. Detective mentioned in both "Searchin'" by the Coasters, and "U.S. Blues" by the Grateful Dead
8. That "Dirty Water"
9. He walks in the classroom, cool and slow, he calls the English teacher "Daddy-O"
10. Frequent caller to the "Pilot of the Airwaves"
11. He felt like "Bustin' Loose"
12. A grandchild in the lyrics to "When I'm Sixty-Four"
13. Styx bassist who was one of two twins in the band
14. Their biggest hit was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in 1979
15. Mexican-American guitarist who had a "Supernatural" album
16. Bird
17. Goofy '70s game show host who wrote Freddy Cannon's hit "Palisades Park"

Bonus: The third group mentioned in "Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" by Reunion (and they have nothing to do with the answer to Question 4)

Good Luck!!!

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