Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #92 - 11/27/02

What's On the Flip Side?

Back in the days when singles came on 45s, not CDs or the Internet, there was always an "A Side" and a "B Side." The A Side was usually the hit, with the B Side normally a cut from an album, or sometimes an unreleased song. Sometimes, though, the B Side hit the charts as well. This week, see if you can remember what song was on the flip side of each of these singles. Thanks to Matt F. in New York for suggesting this quiz idea!

1. "Another Park, Another Sunday" (Doobie Brothers)
2. "Beginnings" (Chicago)
3. "Bird Dog" (Everly Brothers)
4. "Candy Girl" (Four Seasons)
5. "Crying" (Roy Orbison)
6. "Don't Be Cruel" (Elvis Presley)
7. "Hey Jude" (Beatles)
8. "I'm Sorry" (John Denver)
9. "Limbo Rock" (Chubby Checker)
10."Mother's Little Helper" (Rolling Stones)
11. "My Sweet Lord" (George Harrison)
12. "One Night" (Elvis Presley)
13. "Shake Your Booty" (KC and the Sunshine Band)
14. "Surfer Girl" (Beach Boys)
15. "Surfin' USA" (Beach Boys)
16. "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" (Elton John)
17. "Yellow Submarine" (Beatles)

Bonus: "Bossa Nova Baby" (Elvis Presley)

Good Luck!!!

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