Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #9 - 4/25/01

KC and the Sunshine Band

Here's our ninth quiz, and the first dedicated to just one artist - in this case, one of the Becky's Island featured artists. See how much you know about this unjustly forgotten band - then check the tour schedule and get out to a show this summer. You won't regret it.

Get ready, get on your mark, 1-2-3, let's start!

1. How did KC get his stage name?
2. What city did KC grow up in?
3. What record label did KC and the Sunshine Band record for?
4. What word, signifying Bahamian music, was originally part of the band's name?
5. Who did KC write most of his songs with?
6. To whom does the title "Shotgun Shuffle" refer to?
7. In what year did KC and the Sunshine Band have its first Number 1 hit in the United States?
8. And what was that song?
9. What original member of the band was born outside (but not very far outside) the United States?
10. KC and the Sunshine Band was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy Award, but didn't win. Who did?
11. What is the title of KC and the Sunshine Band's forgotten first album?
12. Who was the band's original guitarist?
13. What was the band's only Number 1 hit in 1976?
14. Which KC and the Sunshine Band song was featured in the movie Saturday Night Fever?
15. Which of these songs: "I'm Your Boogie Man?" "That's the Way I Like It," or "Keep It Comin' Love" was NOT a Number 1 hit?
16. What was the band's final Number 1 hit?
17. What was the band's only Number 1 hit in Great Britain? Hint: It was released in the United States using only the name KC.

Bonus: What British singer/drummer was born on the exact same day as KC, January 31, 1951?

Super Bonus: What is musically unusual about the five KC and the Sunshine Band Number 1 songs?

Good Luck!

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