Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #86 - 10/16/02

Story Songs - The '80s

The '70s was really the last great decade for story songs, but I managed to find a few from the '80s, particularly from the beginning of the decade. See if you can figure out which song each of these clues describes, and yes, some artists repeat.

1. Pregnant girl discusses her condition with her father
2. Groupie accuses man of fathering her child; he denies it
3. Man in illegal import business reflects on a deal gone bad and his profession in general
4. Pennsylvanian complains about bad economic conditions
5. Humphrey Bogart fan attempts to get his girlfriend back by reminding her of their favorite movie
6. Young teacher is attracted to one of his students, and both try to hide it
7. Australian keeps running into fellow countrymen all over the world
8. Striking dock worker and waitress try to get by
9. German couple release balloons into air, accidentally triggering World War III
10. Farmer apologizes to son for losing his grandfather's farm
11. Vietnam veteran has trouble adjusting
12. Teen-age Istanbul couple elopes, settles in, has a baby
13. Man buys skin magazine only to find his old girlfriend is featured
14. Annie gets stabbed by intruder
15. Extremely paranoid man wonders if he's being observed
16. British man falls in love with Russian border guard - of what gender???
17. Musician reflects on his father, also a musician, who inspired him to play

Bonus: This really isn't a story per se, but what raunchy 1986 song was actually a tribute to the refurbished Statue of Liberty?

Good Luck!!!

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