Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #85 - 10/9/02

John Lennon

We've featured George and Paul, now let's turn our attention to the "intellectual" Beatle - the one who wrote books of poetry and was famous for his political activism. Put on your round glasses and see how much you remember about John Lennon.

1. Why are we featuring this quiz on October 9?
2. Was John the oldest Beatle?
3. John was the first Beatle to get married and to have a child. What were the names of his first wife and his first son?
4. Who did John meet at the Indica Gallery in 1966?
5. What was controversial about the cover of John and Yoko's 1968 album "Two Virgins?"
6. What song was recorded at the Bed-In for Peace?
7. What is the title of the song with the chorus "We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun?"
8. John and Yoko released a Christmas song in 1971. What was it?
9. What was John's lucky number?
10. What song from John's "Imagine" album directly attacks Paul McCartney?
11. John and Yoko co-hosted what American talk show for a week in 1972?
12. What was John's first solo Number 1 single in the U.S., from 1974?
13. Who sang backup on that song?
14. What was the name of the album John and Yoko released just before John was killed?
15. Of "Woman," "Just Like Starting Over," and "Watching the Wheels," which went to Number 1 in the U.S.?
16. In 1984, John had a Top 5 hit with an unreleased song from 1980. What was it?
17. What is the name of the John Lennon memorial section of Central Park?

Bonus: Who was the walrus, John or Paul?

Super Duper Bonus: Who played saxophone on the song in Question 12?

Good Luck!!!

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