Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #84 - 10/2/02

Famous People in Songs, Part 2 - Non-Musicians

Just like last week, each of the lyric lines in this week's quiz mentions a real person. This time, however, the persons mentioned are not musicians. Look for presidents, sports figures, movie stars, and religious figures, among others. Be alert: sometimes only the first or last name is mentioned. The number of X's in the line indicates the number of missing words or initials.

1. "Where have you gone, XX, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you" (Simon and Garfunkel)
2. "Winter 1963, we thought that the world would freeze, with XXX and the Beatles" (Dream Academy)
3. "They had style, they had grace, XX gave good face" (Madonna)
4. "In X's Tower, there hangs a bell" (Grateful Dead)
5. "Tin soldiers and X's coming, we're finally on our own" (Crosby Stills Nash & Young)
6. "Made damn sure that X, washed his hands and sealed his fate" (Rolling Stones)
7. "XX's waiting" (Bananarama)
8. "Holy X, I have been deceived" (Elton John)
9. "Shake the hand that shook the hand of XXX and Charlie Chan" (Grateful Dead)
10. "I'm XX, I am, XX I am, I am" (Herman's Hermits)
11. "Sister Susie, Brother John, XX, Phil and Don" (Paul McCartney)
12. "All the boys think she's a spy, she's got XX eyes" (Kim Carnes)
13. "They said before you can eat, you have to dance like XX" (Leo Sayer)
14. "My my, at Waterloo, X did surrender" (Abba)
15. "America needs you, XX" (Chicago)
16. "See her shake on the movie screen, XX, XX" (David Essex)
17. "I know you got a job, XX, but your husband's heart problem is complicated" (Eminem)

Bonus: "XXX was mayor of our town, but when he died no suitable replacement could be found" (Steve Goodman)

Good Luck!!!

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