Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #82 - 9/18/02

Story Songs - The '50s and '60s

Can you identify these story songs from the '50s and '60s by their plots? Thanks to Dave for the idea.

1. Romeo and Juliet, Native American-style
2. Widow accuses local parents association of hypocrisy
3. Round-headed kid smokes in auditorium, shoots craps in gym, walks in classroom cool and slow calling English teacher Daddy-O
4. Mississippi girl eats dinner while family discusses her boyfriend's suicide
5. Andrew Jackson and troops fight the British in 1814
6. Boy killed in stock-car race he entered to buy presents for girlfriend
7. Father gives son unusual name to toughen him up
8. Drag racer does come back, after injury, from bend in road
9. West Texas cowboy falls in love with Feleena at bar; cowboy kills stranger, leaves town, returns and gets shot himself
10. American falls in love with Mexican woman at bar; he leaves when her boyfriend Jose arrives
11. Currency-challenged Boston commuter gets stuck on train
12. Tree planter dies unexpectedly while husband is away
13. Medical student turns serial murderer; kills victims with blows to the head
14. Girl killed when she returns to car stalled on railroad tracks
15. Bath interrupted by party
16. Beagle battles German air ace in World War I
17. Biker killed in wreck after his girlfriend's parents force her to break up with him

Bonus: Two separate story-songs in the late 60s were sung from the point of view of prisoners about to be executed. One was from 1967 and was sung by a Welshman; the other was from 1968 and was sung by three Manxmen. What were the songs?

Good Luck!!!

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