Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #80 - 9/4/02

The Name Game: Bills, Bills, Bills

Here's the first of our new Name Game series. Today's my dad's birthday. His name is Bill, so all the answers to this quiz will include the names William, Bill, Billy, Will, etc. See if you can find them. (Mom, you're getting yours later in the year.)

1. "Rock Around the Clock" singer
2. Organist who played on the Beatles' "Get Back"
3. He had a "White Wedding"
4. "Ain't No Sunshine" singer
5. Michael Jackson's first Number 1 hit from the "Thriller" album
6. He did "The Stroke" in 1981
7. Country music's "Red-Headed Stranger"
8. Jim Stafford's 1974 followup to "Spiders and Snakes"
9. Grateful Dead drummer
10. Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods' military story-song, from 1974
11. Rolling Stones bass player
12. Famed West Coast concert promoter
13. The Piano Man
14. A Righteous Brother
15. The Fresh Prince
16. Bobbie Gentry's only Number 1 hit, from 1967
17. "Achy Breaky Heart" singer

Bonus: Goofy song on Van Halen's "Diver Down" album featuring a clarinet solo from the Van Halen brothers' father

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #80 Answers

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