Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #76 - 8/7/02

The Deadheads

No band was ever more defined by its fans than the Grateful Dead. Over the years, Deadheads developed a subculture of their own, with its own slang, legends, and inside jokes. In honor of the big Deadhead Reunion last weekend, enjoy this multiple-choice quiz, and have a good show this fall on the Other Ones tour!

1. What is "a miracle?"
A. A ride to the next show, B. A free ticket, C. A type of drum

2. What is Liquid Blue?
A. The officially-licensed T-shirt supplier, B. A brand of body paint, C. A potent strain of LSD

3. What did the Dead allow audience members officially to do that most other bands don't?
A. Jump on pogo sticks during the show, B. Play guitars along with the band, C. Tape their shows and trade tapes afterwards

4. In the 90s, who stood on the audience's far left side of the stage?
A. Phil Lesh, B. Jerry Garcia, C. Vince Welnick

5. What is "Calling the Opener?"
A. Phoning a friend on your cell phone as the show starts, B. Trying to guess what the first song of the show will be, C. Looking for something to open a can with

6. What is "Shakedown Street?"
A. The place where the police line up people who have been arrested, B. The dancing area, C. The parking-lot vending area

7. Who are the Wharf Rats?
A. A group for Deadheads who own pet rats, B. A group for Deadheads who own boats, C. A group for Deadheads in recovery from alcoholism

8. What Basketball Hall of Famer is the world's tallest Deadhead?
A. Bill Walton, B. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C. Larry Bird

9. Which keyboard player who normally plays with another band sat in with the Dead in the early '90s?
A. Harry Wayne Casey, B. Robert Lamm, C. Bruce Hornsby

10. What does WALSTIB stand for?
A. Weir's A Little Star Trippin' In Blue, B. What A Long Strange Trip It's Been, C. We All Love Santana, Tito Is Better

11. Which member of the Dead was not with the band continuously from 1965 to 1995?
A. Mickey Hart, B. Bob Weir, C. Phil Lesh

12. What is Terrapin Trailways?
A. A walking trail in Golden Gate Park sponsored by the Dead, B. A person walking very slowly in front of you on the way to the show, C. An elaborately decorated bus

13. At which bluegrass show would you be least likely to find Deadheads?
A. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, B. David Grisman Quintet, C. Alison Krauss

14. What did people often use to carry nitrous oxide in?
A. Balloons, B. Lunchboxes, C. Tupperware containers

15. Which was not an official Dead symbol?
A. Dancing Bears, B. Skeletons, C. Calvin and Hobbes

16. On what holiday did the Dead often play a special show in the Bay Area?
A. Halloween, B. New Year's Eve, C. St. Patrick's Day

17. Which of these songs was famous for being rarely performed live?
A. "Samson and Delilah," B. "St. Stephen," C. "Franklin's Tower"

Bonus: Where did the four surviving members of the Dead play together last weekend?
A. Alpine Valley, B. Buckeye Lake, C. World Music Theatre

Good Luck!!!

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