Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #74 - 7/24/02

How Did They Get Their Name?

Band names come from a variety of sources: the singer's last name, the band's hometown, books or movies, or just some nonsense words that sound funny or distinctive. Here are descriptions of several memorable band names. Try to figure out the name from the description.

1. The first letters of each singer's first name
2. Spanish for "The Wolves"
3. Very difficult financial circumstances
4. A sex toy in William Burroughs' novel Naked Lunch
5. Half the members were British and half were Americans
6. The villain in the movie Barbarella
7. Because they thought the group would flop, just like a very heavy dirigible
8. An old make of fire engine
9. An Egyptian legend about a deceased person who gets helped by a living person, then pays back the favor
10. The British government
11. The British head of state
12. The number on the British unemployment benefits form
13. The movements of the eye when dreaming
14. The bus and train system in their hometown (later changed to just the town's name after the bus and train system threatened a lawsuit)
15. A high-school phys ed. teacher
16. The drummer's last name and part of the bassist's last name
17. Francis Gary Powers' spy plane

Bonus: Chosen deliberately to confuse people, in the manner of an old Abbott and Costello routine about baseball

Good Luck!!!

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