Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #72 - 7/10/02

The Beach Boys

Is there any group more synonymous with "summer" than The Beach Boys? Their timeless songs about surfing, cars, love, and growing up still are enjoyed today. Trivia's up!

1. Of Brian, Carl, or Dennis Wilson, which brother is the youngest?
2. What relation is Mike Love to the Wilson brothers?
3. Who was the one original Beach Boy who was not related to the other four?
4. Who was the only Beach Boy who actually surfed?
5. What was the Beach Boys' first Top Twenty hit, from 1962?
6. Brian Wilson copied the melody of "Surfin' USA" from what Chuck Berry song?
7. In "Fun Fun Fun," where did the heroine tell her father she was going?
8. What was the Beach Boys' first Number 1 hit, from 1964?
9. What Beach Boys song did John Travolta often sing on "Welcome Back Kotter?"
10. After Brian Wilson retired from live performances, who replaced him on stage?
11. What Number 1 hit from 1966 is generally considered to be the Beach Boys' masterpiece?
12. What was the name of the Beach Boys greatest hits compilation that topped the U.S. album charts in 1974?
13. What Becky's Island favorite band did the Beach Boys tour with in 1975?
14. The Beach Boys had a Top 5 hit in 1976 with a Chuck Berry/Beatles song. What was it?
15. How, ironically, did Dennis Wilson die?
16. Who revived "California Girls" in 1985?
17. What Indiana city is also the name of the Beach Boys' unexpected Number 1 hit from 1988?

Bonus: What are the names of Brian Wilson's daughters, also singers?

Good Luck!!!

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