Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #7 - 4/11/01

Meow Mix

The birds had their turn last month - now it's time for the cats!

Get ready, get on your mark, 1-2-3, let's start!

1. What colors are the "stray cat sittin' on a fence?"
2. Name the Smashing Pumpkins album that contained the song "Today."
3. What is the name of Al Stewart's 1977 hit that was inspired by the movie "Casablanca?"
4. Which Elvis Presley song contained the line "Keep on dancin, or I'll find myself another cat?"
5. His songs included "Peace Train" and "Moon Shadow."
6. According to Elton John, who had "better get back to the woods?"
7. What cat-related song was the theme to the movie "Rocky III?"
8. What name did John Mellencamp record under originally?
9. What Grateful Dead song was often paired with "I Know You Rider" in concert?
10. What Little Willie John song appeared on the Beatles' "Anthology 1" cd.
11. What instrument portrayed the cat in "Peter and the Wolf?"
12. And what instrument does jazz artist Gato Barbieri play?
13. What was the name of Gilbert O'Sullivan's hit that featured the lyrics "Now I'm just like a cat on a hot tin roof, Baby, what do you think you're doing to me?"
14. Vernon Reid, of Living Colour, played guitar on this Janet Jackson hit from 1990.
15. What was Harry Chapin's only Number 1 hit?
16. His song "Crippled Inside" containes the line "Well, now you know that your cat has nine lives, babe." Who is the artist?
17. In 2000, a group from Chapel Hill, NC, released its first album. Part of the group's name is also the name of a tailless breed of cat. What is the group's name?

Last week I asked who the author of "Baru Bay Australia" was. He had written one previous children's book. What was the title of that book?

Good Luck!

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