Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #69 - 6/19/02

Happy 60th, Paul McCartney!

1. What was Paul's mother's name?
2. What other Beatle went to the Liverpool Institute with Paul?
3. Paul's most famous bass guitar is shaped like what?
4. What was Paul's first solo single, from 1971?
5. Denny Laine was the first guitarist for Wings. What other British group had he been in previously?
6. Did Paul ever record "Mary Had a Little Lamb?"
7. What James Bond movie did Paul sing the title song for?
8. In what country was "Band on the Run" recorded?
9. What two planets form the title of Paul's 1975 album?
10. What was the name of Wings' 1976 tour, which later was the title of their 1977 live album?
11. What Paul song from 1977 was Number 1 in Britain for 9 weeks, but never even hit the charts in the United States? (Hint: It features bagpipes)
12. What amphibian appears in the lyrics to "Getting Closer?"
13. Paul recorded two big duets in 1982. What was his song with Stevie Wonder?
14. And who did he sing "The Girl Is Mine" with?
15. What was the name of Paul's classical vocal piece he wrote with Carl Davis in 1991?
16. What happened on April 17, 1998?
17. What song did Paul write in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks?

Bonus: What song will Paul be able to sing for real on June 18, 2006?

Good Luck!!!

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