Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #68 - 6/12/02

Beatle Sounds

June 2002 is Beatles Month here at Becky's Island Music Trivia, in honor of Paul McCartney's 60th birthday. The Beatles were very innovative in their use of different instruments and sound effects. Can you remember which Beatle song incorporates each of these sounds?

1. Rooster crowing, dog barking, cat meowing, fox hunt
2. Church organ
3. Feedback
4. Irish tin whistle
5. Airplane
6. Oinking
7. Carousel
8. French Horn
9. <== That, repeated over and over and over
10. Crowd cheering
11. Chirping birds
12. Backward flutes
13. Very high-pitched trumpet fanfare
14. Old-time Western-style piano
15. Hammer
16. Water, brass band, bells, voice over a P.A.
17. Speech from "King Lear"

Bonus: Alarm clock

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #68 Answers

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