Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #66 - 5/29/02

In Living Color

From black and white to living color! Fill in the color in the song title, and be sure to look carefully at the artist as some of the songs have similar titles.

1. "X Rain" (Peter Gabriel)
2. "X River" (Christie)
3. "X, X Grass of Home" (Tom Jones)
4. "X Cadillac" (Bruce Springsteen)
5. "X Monday" (Fats Domino)
6. "Snoopy Vs. the X Baron" (Royal Guardsmen)
7."Ballad of the X Berets" (SSgt Barry Sadler)
8. "Little X Corvette" (Prince)
9. "X Tambourine" (Lemon Pipers)
10. "X Velvet (Bobby Vinton)
11. "X Bird" (Mark Lindsay)
12. "X Rubber Ball (Cyrkle)
13. "Little X Apples" (O.C. Smith)
14."Mr. X Sky" (Electric Light Orchestra)
15. "X Submarine" (Beatles
16. "X River" (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
17. "X Rain" (Prince)

Bonus: "X Begonias" (Grateful Dead)

Good Luck!!!

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