Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #645 - 7/3/13


To celebrate the Fourth of July this year, see if you can guess the names of these artists - all of which contain the letters U, S, and A.

1. Boston-born Queen of Disco who was "Hot Stuff" in the late '70s
2. British singer who should have just gone to "Rehab"
3. Their albums included Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A.
4. Bela Fleck's wife
5. She helped Maroon 5 have a four-week Number One hit in 2011 with "Moves Like Jagger"
6. Michigan-based band with hits such as "Night Moves" and "Like A Rock"
7. Bass-voiced Cuban singer featured in the Buena Vista Social Club movie
8. He did the music for the movie Super Fly
9. Miami-based group that fused R&B and Caribbean music into "Get Down Tonight" in 1975
10. 60s folk duo whose last album was Bridge Over Troubled Water
11. High-voiced bluegrass fiddler and leader of Union Station...
12....and the Dobro player in that same band, namesake of my late black cat
13. Soul singer famous for "Stop To Love" and "Dance With My Father"
14. Billy Corgan's band
15. Motown's premier female group
16. Former 'NSync singer who just had a hit with "Suit and Tie" - and he does a great Boo Boo Bear impression, too
17.San Francisco bar band whose Sports album turns 30 years old this year

Bonus: Juan De Marcos Gonzalez leads this band

Good Luck!!!

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