Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #644 - 6/26/13

Famous First Words: Diana Ross

1. "If you need me, call me"
2. "I need love, love, to ease my mind"
3. "Since you've been away, I've been down and lonely"
4. "Tenement slum"
5. "She said she wants a man to always understand, but that's alright for her, still it ain't enough for me"
6. "You've given me a true love, and every day I thank you love"
7. "Fancy me, thought I had my degree in life"
8. "Hey life look at me, I can see the reality,cause when you shook me, took me out of my world I woke up"
9. "If there's a cure for this, I don't want it, don't want it"
10. "Through the mirror of my mind, time after time"
11. "All day long I hear my telephone ring, friends calling giving their advice"
12. "My first love, you're every breath that I take, you're every step I make"
13. "I was lying there, lying on the beach, I dreamed you were there"
14. "The love bug done bit me, didn't mean for him to get me"
15. "Set me free, why don't cha babe, get out my life, why don't cha babe"
16. "Baby, baby, baby dont leave me"
17. "I can't cover up my feelings in the name of love"

Bonus: "You took a mystery and made me want it, you got a pedestal and put me on it"

Good Luck!!!

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