Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #636 - 5/1/13

The Spring of 1974

1. This husband and wife pair had a Top Five hit with "Mockingbird" in the spring of 1974.
2. According to Jim Stafford, what two kinds of animals did Mary Lou not like?
3. "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)" hit Number One for two weeks in the spring of 1974. For what TV show was it used as the theme song?
4. What long-time favorite country radio show moved to a new location at a theme park in March 1974?
5. Who was "searching everyone for the Band On The Run?"
6. This Jacques Brel song, translated from French by Terry Jacks, hit Number One for three weeks in March 1974.
7. What Chicago album hit Number One for one week in April 1974?
8. What movie star was mentioned in the lyrics to David Essex's hit "Rock On?"
9. Who wore "electric boots, a mohair suit" in a Spring 1974 Elton John hit?
10. The soundtrack to The Sting was Number One for all of May 1974. What composer's music was featured in the movie and on the album?
11. Swedish act Blue Swede added an "Ooga-Chaka" chant to what song, ensuring a Number One hit in April 1974?
12. What Cher song told the story of "the fortune queen of New Orleans" and hit Number One in March 1974?
13. After a May 1974 performance in Boston, a critic wrote, "I have seen rock and roll's future and his name is" who?
14. "Tubular Bells" was an instrumental hit for Mike Oldfield in the spring of 1974. It came from the soundtrack of what movie?
15. Oh yes, they called this Ray Stevens novelty hit a Number One song in May 1974.
16. Who had a Top Five hit with a rock version of "The Lord's Prayer" in the spring of 1974?
17. This R&B singer, famous for a rather crudely-titled hit, was born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway on May 30, 1974.

Bonus: This band, named after the guitarist and drummer, played its first gig on the Sunset Strip on April 5, 1974.

Good Luck!!!

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