Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #627 - 2/27/13

More Oscar Winning Songs

1. Come on along and listen to this Oscar winning song from Gold Diggers of 1935.
2. "The Way You Look Tonight" won the Best Song Oscar for 1936. Who wrote the music?
3. I'm dreaming of this Irving Berlin Best Song Oscar winner from Holiday Inn.
4. "Mona Lisa" won the Best Song Oscar for 1950 - what movie was it featured in?
5. This winning song, from The Man Who Knew Too Much, serves as a major plot point in the movie when Doris Day sings it.
6. Later to be associated with the Kennedy presidential campaign, this song from the movie A Hole in The Head won for 1959.
7. The winning song from 1969, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," was a Number One pop hit for what singer?
8. "I'm Easy" won the Best Song Oscar in 1975 for what songwriter and performer?
9. Were any of the songs from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack nominated for Best Song Oscars?
10. It was the theme from An Officer and a Gentleman, and it won the Best Song Oscar for 1982.
11. It was the theme from Dirty Dancing, and it won the Best Song Oscar for 1987.
12. What music legend won a Best Song Oscar for 1994 for co-writing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"
13. What rapper won the Best Song Oscar for 2002 for "Lose Yourself?"
14. It's hard out here to remember the name of the movie that featured the Oscar winning song "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" - what is it?
15. "I Need To Wake Up" won Melissa Etheridge a Best Song Oscar for 2006. What documentary was it featured in?
16. Two songs from Slumdog Millionaire were up for the award for 2008. Which one won?
17. "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3 won an Oscar for what singer/composer?

Bonus: What song won the Best Song Oscar last year?

Good Luck!!!

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