Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #621 - 1/16/13

1973 - 40-Year Birthdays

1. Better "Get Busy" if you haven't bought a gift forthis Jamaican dancehall artist...he turned 40 on January 9.
2. Wait, why is a boxer turning 40 on February 4 in this quiz? Because he released a Grammy-nominated CD as a singer in 2000.
3. This Senegalese rapper probably won't be "Lonely" on his 40th birthday, April 16.
4. May 14 is the 40th birthday of this "I Love Your Smile" singer.
5. She's best remembered as the widow of The Notorious B.I.G., and she'll be 40 on June 10.
6. Mr. Total Request Live will be 40 on June 22 - who is he?
7. The youngest of the Boyz II Men becomes a 40-year old man on July 29.
8. He's the lead singer of Creed and will celebrate his 40th birthday "With Arms Wide Open" on August 8.
9. This part-Puerto Rican Backstreet Boy will celebrate his 40th birthday on August 22...
10. will this Jamaican reggae artist known as "King of the Dancehall."
11. He won the right to sing with INXS on the series RockStar: INXS and he'll be 40 on September 1.
12. "I Can" warn you not to invite Jay-Z to this rapper's 40th birthday party on September 14.
13. Two members of Slipknot turn 40 this year, beginning with their "Number Seven" guitarist on November 3.
14. He'll be 40 on November 9, but is he more famous as a 98 Degrees singer or as Jessica Simpson's ex?
15. He's the vocalist of Slipknot, and he'll be 40 on December 8.
16. Dante Terrell Smith turns 40 on December 11 - by what name do we know this "Sex Love and Money" rapper by?
17. He's the drummer of OneRepublic, not one of Elizabeth Taylor's ex-husbands, and he turns 40 on December 17.

Bonus: Come on, Barbie, let's go party with this Aqua lead singer who will be 40 on October 2.

Good Luck!!!

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