Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #619 - 1/2/13

1953 - 60-Year Birthdays

1. His brothers George and Angus will probably throw this Scottish-Australian guitarist a big party on his 60th birthday, January 6.
2. One of the best female singers of the 80s, this "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" singer turns 60 on January 10.
3. He might over-sing a 60s cover, try an opera aria, or sing about Captain Jack Sparrow on his 60th birthday, February 26.
4. "Tell Me Something Good" - ok, she'll turn 60 years old on March 23.
5. Eddie and Wolfgang will certainly be at this drummer's 60th birthday celebration on May 8, but will Dave or Sammy?
6. He wrote and performed the spooky theme from The Exorcist, "Tubular Bells," and he turns 60 on May 15.
7. This Mr. Mister singer was asked to replace Peter Cetera in Chicago. Will Peter be invited to his 60th birthday on May 16?
8. Everyone,not just girls, will just want to have fun at this unusual singer's 60th birthday party on June 22.
9. He'll probably celebrate "Down Under" when he turns 60 on June 29.
10. And this very high-pitched male singer will probably "take off to the Great White North" for his 60th bithday on July 29.
11. This blues singer and guitarist might light the candles on his 60th birthday cake August 1 with a "Smokin' Gun."
12. Will Eileen come on to his 60th birthday party on August 17 - and will he wear a dress or scruffy overalls?
13. This Styx singer-guitarist might have "Too Much Time On My Hands" as he celebrates his 60th on September 11.
14. Will this Scottish singer and Band Aid co-founder be "Dancing with Tears In My Eyes" when he turns 60 on October 10?
15. His real first and middle names are Toriano Adaryll, but we know this family group member, turning 60 on October 16, by what name?
16. This Go-Go's guitarist and songwriter might take a "Vacation" to celebrate her 60th birthday on October 21.
17. He might be "Making Plans for Nigel" to come to his 60th birthday party on November 11.

Bonus: He was Kool and the Gang's lead singer for much of the 80s, he shares a name with a famous singer-songwriter, and he turns 60 on August 16.

Good Luck!!!

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