Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #618 - 12/26/12

1943 - 70-Year Birthdays

1. He might be inviting his Jefferson Airplane bandmates Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, and Jorma Kaukonen to his 70th birthday on January 30.
2. This Temptation who turns 70 on February 3 sang on such 70s hits as "Cloud 9" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."
3. If you know what a sweeper is, have ever shopped at the Giant Eagle, or have ever waved a Terrible Towel, you probably know the name of this "Ah! Leah!" singer turning 70 on February 28.
4. This "Turn Your Love Around" singer will probably sing along with "Happy Birthday" as he plays it on guitar on his 70th birthday, March 2.
5. Love has kept her marriage together since the 1970s, and certainly the Captain will throw her a big bash on her 70th birthday, May 8.
6. If you go to this Cream bassist's 70th birthday party on May 14, you might get served some "Strange Brew."
7. Looks like he'll make it to age 70 on June 17; will he celebrate with Lola at the Copacabana?
8. July 12 is the Perfect day for this Fleetwood Mac singer/keyboardist to celebrate her 70th birthday.
9. Julie, Julie, Julie, do you believe this late 60s-early 70s teen idol will be 70 years old on July 22?
10. This British knight will probably spend his 70th birthday on July 26 singing on tour with his band, and from that he should get some satisfaction.
11. If this Pink Floyd bassist, singer, and songwriter doesn't eat his meat on his 70th birthday, September 6, he can't have any birthday cake. How can he have any birthday cake if he doesn't eat his meat?
12. The only Jewish member of the Grateful Dead will probably be trying to coax some percussion sounds from his 70th birthday cake on September 11
13. His son Enrique will probably wish this Spanish singer "Feliz cumpleaños" on his 70th birthday, September 23.
14. Guess Who will be "Takin' Care of Business" as he turns 70 on September 27.
15. "Take The Money and Run" to buy this blues-rock musician a birthday present for his 70th on October 5.
16. "Help Me" remember the name of the Canadian-born jazz/folk singer/songwriter who turns 70 on November 7.
17. This singer and songwriter probably won't have any "Short People" at his 70th birthday celebration on November 28.

Bonus: Two people associated with same band both turn 70 on December 18. One is a legendary British guitarist; the other is an American who plays saxophone on some of that guitarists' band's biggest songs. Who are they?

Good Luck!!!

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