Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #617 - 12/19/12

The Name Game: Phil

1. Genesis drummer who had a successful solo career in the 80s
2. Earth Wind & Fire's tenor vocalist
3.Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff's record label
4. "Sea of Love" singer
5. The "Wall of Sound" was his trademark long before the eccentric behavior and strange hair
6. ACDC's drummer from 1975-83 and again from 1994-present
7.The Village People's "Indian" who actually is part Native American
8. American classical composer, American classical composer, American classical composer, American classical composer (repeat for 6 hours)
9. Grateful Dead member beloved for his bass playing and songwriting; not so much for his singing
10. "Hold On" and "You're In Love" trio
11. He won American Idol's Season 11
12. It's better known as the Soul Train theme
13. Roxy Music guitarist who spent some time in Cuba as a child
14. Male lead singer of the Human League
15. Massachusetts-based clergyman who wrote the words to "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
16. He discovered Elvis
17. Def Leppard guitarist

Bonus: Singers Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez are from here

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #617 Answers

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