Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #612 - 11/14/12

Born in the 50s II

Every day is someone's birthday, but did you ever stop to think about the timeline of musical birthdays? Who was born before who else? In this series of quizzes, I give you the birthday and year, plus a hint - you tell me the person who was born on that day.

1. February 6, 1950: She recorded an "Unforgettable" tribute to her father, also a singer
2. October 20, 1950: His bands have included Mudcrutch, the Heartbreakers and the Traveling Wilburys
3. January 31, 1951: Sunshine Band leader and one of the patron saints of Becky's Island
4. October 2, 1951: Gordon Sumner
5. September 19, 1952: Chic guitarist, songwriter, and producer
6. June 22, 1953: Unusual 80s singer who just wanted to have fun
7. July 29, 1953: He took off to the Great White North with the McKenzie brothers
8. August 16, 1953: Lead singer for Kool and the Gang in the 80s, and no, he wasn't Kool
9. March 16, 1954: Heart's guitarist and sometimes singer
10. May 1, 1954: Who you gonna call? This singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer
11. August 25, 1954: Declan Patrick MacManus
12. March 21, 1955: Look for him with his group playing his guitar in a schoolboy uniform while hopping across the stage and spinning around on the floor
13. December 25, 1957: Lead singer of The Pogues; no wonder he wrote and recorded "Fairytale of New York," a Christmas song
14. June 7, 1958: The majority of the credits for his many, many songs read: Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by...
15. October 27, 1958: Duran Duran lead singer and sailing enthusiast
16. July 11, 1959: Bon Jovi's guitarist and Heather Locklear's ex
17. November 5, 1959: Everything he does, he does it for you

Bonus: July 10, 1958: Jazz and bluegrass banjo virtuoso - also the person I named my cat after

Good Luck!!!

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