Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #611 - 11/7/12

Born in the 40s II

Every day is someone's birthday, but did you ever stop to think about the timeline of musical birthdays? Who was born before who else? In this series of quizzes, I give you the birthday and year, plus a hint - you tell me the person who was born on that day.

1. July 7, 1940: Richard Starkey
2. December 11, 1940: Lead singer of Bread
3. March 15, 1941: Brian Wilson's bass-singing cousin
4. July 22, 1941: Dr. Funkenstein
5. March 2, 1942: Monotone New York singer who walked on the wild side
6. December 30, 1942: The Monkee who wore the hat
7. September 27, 1943: Canadian singer/guitarist who took care of business
8. October 5, 1943: Some people call him the Space Cowboy, some call him the Gangster of Love
9. September 13, 1944: Chicago's high tenor singer
10. January 10, 1945: Scratchy-voiced soccer loving Scot - do you think he's sexy?
11. July 20, 1945: Scratchy-voiced American singer who had Bette Davis Eyes
12. March 7, 1946: Lead singer of the J. Geils Band, and no, he's not J. Geils
13. March 10, 1947: Very tall and very smart Boston guitarist, organist, and electronic guitar effects inventor
14. April 7, 1948: Daryl Hall's longtime collaborator
15. September 23, 1949: The Boss
16. October 3, 1949: Stevie Nicks' ex
17. December 13, 1949: Outspoken conservative guitarist and hunting advocate

Bonus: Two members of the same 70s band, with the same first name, were both born in 1947: the drummer on July 22, in Texas, and the guitarist, on September 21, in Florida. Name the band and the two birthday boys.

Good Luck!!!

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