Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #608 - 10/17/12

The Fall of 1981

1. Their "Private Eyes" watched this song go all the way to Number One for two weeks in November 1981.
2. This child's destiny was to become one of the biggest superstars of our time, and she was born on September 4, 1981.
3. What British trio released their successful Ghost in the Machine album in October 1981?
4. "4" was a Number One album for five weeks in November and December 1981 - no, not by Chicago, by who?
5. ELO's "Hold On Tight" included a verse sung in what language?
6. "Endless Love" was a Number One hit for eight weeks, including all of September and part of October 1981, for what superstar duet pair?
7. "Leather and Lace" didn't hit Number One, but it was a big hit in the fall of 1981 for what superstar duet pair?
8. His live Songs in the Attic album, released in September 1981, included "She's Got a Way" and "Say Goodbye to Hollywood."
9. This Rolling Stones album, Number One for nine weeks in September, October, and November 1981, was actually a collection of earlier recordings. What was it?
10. Sheena Easton had a hit in the fall of 1981 with the theme song from what James Bond movie?
11. It wasn't Mack the Knife that caused the death of this Austrian-born singer on November 27, 1981, even though she was mentioned in the lyrics to that song.
12. "Our Lips Are Sealed," released in the fall of 1981, was the first chart hit for what band?
13. Those about to rock were saluted by what band's album, which hit Number One at the end of the year?
14. The best that "Arthur's Theme" could do was three weeks at Number One in October 191 for what singer?
15. Music from "The Elder" was a notorious flop album released in November 1981 by what band?
16. He wrote such classics as "Stardust" and coined the word "Eukanuba," and he died on December 27, 1981.
17. A thinly-disguised biographical musical about the Supremes opened on Broadway in December 1981 - what was the name of the musical?

Bonus: "Don't Stop Believin" was a fall hit for Journey in 1981. What TV show used the song for the very last minutes of the very last episode?

Good Luck!!!

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