Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #607 - 10/10/12

The Fall of 1976

1. The band Wild Cherry, from Jefferson County, Ohio, hit Number One for three weeks in September and October 1976 with what song?
2. What did Elton John reveal in an October 1976 interview with Rolling Stone magazine?
3. This rock film, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, was released in early December 1976.
4. This British composer of "Peter Grimes" and "A Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra" died on December 3, 1976.
5. What Kiss song, an unusual ballad for them, was on the charts in the fall of 1976?
6. This AC/DC album was released in Australia in the fall of 1976, but wouldn't come to the United States until 1981.
7. What concert film starring Led Zeppelin premiered in New York in October 1976?
8. This classic Bob Seger album was released in October 1976.
9. The song that has opened nearly every KC and the Sunshine Band live show since 2000 (at least) went to Number One in September 1976 - what is the song?
10. Chicago had its first-ever Number One song in October 1976. What was the song?
11. What live album, by a British singer/guitarist, spent five weeks at Number One in September and October 1976?
12. In December 1976, an inflatable balloon used in a Pink Floyd album cover shoot got loose and floated away. In what shape was the balloon?
13. This Rod Stewart classic hit Number One in November 1976 and spent eight consecutive weeks at the top.
14. What song by George Harrison, released in November 1976, was a sly commentary on his recent plagiarism lawsuit?
15. Gordon Lightfoot had a Number 2 hit in November 1976 with a song about an event that took place just one year earlier - what was it?
16. This band gave its last performance on November 25, 1976, that was later released as "The Last Waltz."
17. "I Wish" you could remember the name of the Stevie Wonder album that was Number One on the charts for all of November and Decemer 1976.

Bonus: In late September 1976, four men in Dublin, Ireland, formed a band called Feedback. What would that band later become?

Good Luck!!!

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