Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #605 - 9/26/12

One Song - Touch of Grey

1. How do we know it must be getting early?
2. How does the paint by number morning sky look?
3. I will get by, and I will also what?
4. Every silver lining has what?
5. What must we all face and try to keep a little grace?
6. What is the state of the rent?
7. Who has not been fed in years?
8. What are the cows giving?
9. How old is the kid who can't read?
10. What kind of words does he know?
11. Where is the shoe?
12. Where should you whistle?
13. How does a touch of grey look?
14. Who wrote the words?
15. Who wrote the music, and was the lead vocalist?
16. What album does it appear on?
17. "Touch of Grey" is the Grateful Dead's only song to do what?

Bonus: What is Mickey Hart's skeleton puppet wearing in the video?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #605 Answers

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