Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #604 - 9/19/12

One Song: Stayin' Alive

1. Well, you can tell by the way he uses what?
2. He's what, no time to talk?
3. What has happened to him since he was born?
4. What can we try to understand?
5. What two relatives are stayin' alive, stayin' alive?
6. What do we feel breakin'?
7. What does he do if he can't get low or high?
8. What does he have on his shoes?
9. He's a dancing man and he just can't what?
10. How long will he live?
11. Where is his life going?
12. What does he want somebody to do?
13. Who wrote the song?
14. What movie soundtrack was it featured on?
15. What is the star of the movie doing the first time we hear the song?
16. The song was Number One in the United States for one entire month - which one?
17. Whose cover of the song started with "All aboard the disco train?"

Bonus: The drum track to "Stayin' Alive" is actually a tape loop from another Bee Gees song - which one?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #604 Answers

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