Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #602 - 9/5/12

One Song: Strawberry Fields Forever

1. Let me take you in what direction?
2. Nothing is what?
3. And nothing to get what about?
4. How is living easy?
5. Misunderstanding what?
6. It's getting hard to be who?
7. No one I think is where?
8. I mean, it must be where?
9. That is, I think it's how?
10. Always, no sometimes, think it's who?
11. But you know I know when it's what?
12. I think I know I mean a yes, but what?
13. That is, I think what?
14. What was Strawberry Field?
15. Who sings the song?
16. What instrument plays the "flute" part?
17. Where in New York would you find Strawberry Fields?

Bonus: How many versions of the song make up the final recording?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #602 Answers

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