Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #599 - 8/15/12

It Really Happened

All of the events described in this quiz really happened - sometimes to the songwriter or singer, sometimes to someone else. Can you figure out what songs were inspired by the following?

1. Man learns of a friend's death, withdraws from heroin, goes into mental hospital
2. Man meets old girlfriend while shopping
3. Man wears dark clothes so that people remember the less fortunate
4. Child dies in fall from high-rise window
5. Singer plays current music when fans are expecting oldies; gets booed
6. Performance hall in lakeside city burns to ground; band needs to find a new place to record
7. Soldiers shoot four students at Midwestern university
8. Man takes job as a lounge singer/pianist
9. Man and woman get married, travel around, do performance art
10. Woman plays Woodstock and is impressed by what she sees in the audience
11. Misfit boy shoots self in front of his school class
12. Woman recovers from serious injury
13. Little girl gets teased about the unusual hand-made garment she has to wear
14. Singer is ill before concert, is treated by doctor
15. Rapper breaks jaw in car accident
16. Man attempts suicide, but a friend catches him in the act and then talks him out of getting married
17. Singer leaves band for solo career after seeing Bruce Springsteen live in concert

Bonus: Band travels country, gets into trouble in New Orleans

Good Luck!!!

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