Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #59 - 4/10/02

Story Songs - The '70s

The '70s was really the last great (?) decade for story songs. See if you can figure out which song each of these clues describes. And yes, some artists repeat.

1. Civil War soldier volunteers for mission and gets killed despite girlfriend's wishes
2. Three miners are trapped but only two are found; where's the other?
3. Stoner cab driver picks up old girlfriend and gets huge tip
4. Football player's blind father dies following penultimate game
5. Recently-released prisoner on bus looks for tree decoration
6. Daughter of traveling performers gets pregnant by hitchhiker
7. She's a dancer, he's a bartender, he gets shot by wealthy club patron, she drinks
8. Father ignores son; grown son ignores father
9. Police and gangsters do battle in Lake Michigan
10. Great Lakes shipping disaster
11. Satan loses fiddle-playing contest
12. Quick-stepping father is persuaded not to leave by young child
13. Woman in New Orleans catches her man with the same fortune teller who told her to leave him; shoots both
14. Fight between pool hustlers
15. Innocent brother of singer murdered during Southern power failure
16. Man accidentally shoots daughter when he was trying to hit her boyfriend
17. Pony breaks loose after his owner dies

Bonus: Cocaine-snorting engineer and sleeping switchman cause train wreck

Good Luck!!!

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