Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #580 - 2/15/12

A Few More Words From 1988


1. everybody, body, emotion, river, ocean: "Faith," George Michael
2. something, holes, control, lasts, crowd
: "When It's Love," Van Halen
3. lead, follow, plantation, whisper, happened
: "The Valley Road," Bruce Hornsby and the Range
4. road, shining, Cinderella, miracle, bumper
: "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car," Billy Ocean
5. rang, thunder, fire, heartache, loneliness, gone
: "I Found Someone," Cher
6. moment, century's, slide, moves, raw
: "Need You Tonight," INXS
7. lover, job, drinks, flowers, hanging
: "What Have I Done To Deserve This," Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield
8. bragging, puzzle, feather, cap, honey
: "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That," Elton John
9. matter, face, alone, guess, stronger
: "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love," Chicago
10. situation, infatuation, different, promise, explanation
: "I Don't Want To Live Without You," Foreigner
11. prisoner, heartbeat, strange, still, more
: "Everything Your Heart Desires," Hall and Oates
12. broken, clover, never, again, beside
: "Foolish Beat," Debbie Gibson
13. head, forget, rocking, million, monkey
: "Red Red Wine," UB40
14. ride, dancing, scene, looks, possessing
: "Mercedes Boy," Pebbles
15. promises, web, stand, given, empty
: "Shattered Dreams," Johnny Hates Jazz
16. mind, November, space, desperately, gold
: "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," Whitney Houston
17. mirror, lies, willing, bleeds, knees
: "Love Bites," Def Leppard

Bonus: found, sitting, telephone, true, preacher: "Don't Be Cruel," Cheap Trick

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