Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #579 - 3/28/12

A Few More Words From 1987

1. warrior, river, deep, falter, valley
2. standing, marking, welfare, change, rules
3. road, ends, heartache, shelf, better
4. ticking, pitch, telephone, cared, bone
5. move, dancing, up, back, attention
6. change, pocket, huggin', kissin', wedding
7. secrets, used, realize, real, seem
8. pale, moonlight, thinking, prayer, apart
9. folks, pretty, peach, aback, book
10. dancer, Birmingham, salvation, step, rung
11. pull, given, faster, crowded, busted
12. million, feeling, radio, reality, rip
13. dreamed, haunted, news, world, Superman
14. page, rearrange, tell, sweet, disguise
15. explanations, sense, confidence, start, situations
16. homework, jerk, hypocrite, drag, porno
17. much, Romeo, friends, woman, squeeze

Bonus: bailar, necesita, gracia, marinero, capitan

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #579 Answers

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