Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #578 - 3/21/12

A Few More Words From 1986


1. smiling, shining, knowing, sure, side: "That's What Friends Are For," Dionne and Friends
2. talking, choose, banging, running, shoot
: "Never," Heart
3. Johnny, tunnel, action, motion, knife
: "Walk of Life," Dire Straits
4. jungle, away, monkey, afternoon, survive
: "Tarzan Boy," Baltimora
5. dream, looks, clouds, prayer, heartbeat
: "How Will I Know," Whitney Houston
6. shakes, throat, immune, face, oblivion
: "Addicted to Love," Robert Palmer
7. fools, wild, nighttime, lost, touched
: "Mad About You," Belinda Carlisle
8. winding, much, recall, takes, time
: "Why Can't This Be Love," Van Halen
9. restless, trouble, excited, beat, ring
: "Bad Boy," Miami Sound Machine
10. there, dying, says, names, overdrive
: "Who's Johnny," El DeBarge
11. endings, two, storms, brewing, goodbyes
: "Sara," Starship
12. moon, skin, outrageous, limousine, strawberry
: "A Love Bizarre," Sheila E
13. wind, mountain, machine, eleison, road
: "Kyrie," Mr. Mister
14. rocky, bound, number, friends, address
: "Stuck With You," Huey Lewis and the News
15. rival, freedom, ropes, burst, spire
: "Burning Heart," Survivor
16. much, can't, wake, pain, heaven's
: "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone," Glass Tiger
17. goddess, flame, summit, beauty, desire
: "Venus," Bananarama

Bonus: champagne, roses, diamonds, girl, wants: "Party All The Time," Eddie Murphy

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