Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #567 - 1/4/12

1952: 60-Year Birthdays

1. This Kiss guitarist/singer will want to "Rock And Roll All Nite" on his 60th birthday on January 20.
2. Born Tamas Erdelyi in Hungary on January 29, 1952, he is the last surviving original member of his pioneering punk band - by what name do we know him better?
3. "I Keep Forgettin'" to make a note of his 60th birthday on February 12.
4. Just call her "Angel of the Morning" on the morning of her 60th birthday on February 18.
5. The Head Talking Head turns 60 on May 14 - who is he?
6. This King of Country, who has more Number One country hits than anyone else, turns 60 on May 18.
7. His brother Ronnie didn't survive to wish this .38 Special singer a Happy 60th on June 11.
8. "I Just Wanna Stop" and wish this Canadian singer a happy 60th birthday on June 16.
9. He played Elwood Blues in the movie and on stage, and he turns 60 on July 1.
10. This Police drummer turns 60 on July 16 - will Sting attend his party?
11. He'll probably get a "Perfectly Good Guitar" for his 60th birthday on August 20.
12. Among the guests at this guitarist/producer's birthday on September 9 might be Eurythmics collaborator Annie Lennox.
13. Guys will celebrate this Rush drummer's 60th birthday on September 12. Girls won't pay attention.
14. This America guitarist (and one-time musical partner of Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson) will turn 60 on September 12.
15. C'est Chic to celebrate this guitarist's 60th birthday on September 19.
16. This British soul singer famous for "Right Back Where We Started From" started life on November 2, 1952.
17. His brother Mark will probably attend this Dire Straits member's 60th birthday on December 27.

Bonus: Two female singers of the 70s would have turned 60 on July 17, but both died young. One sang "Poetry Man" and the other had a hit with "Lotta Love" - who were they?

Good Luck!!!

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