Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #566 - 12/28/11

1942: 70-Year Birthdays

Roger Daltrey sang, "Hope I die before I get old" in the 60s. I bet he never dreamed any of these musicians would reach their 70th birthdays!

1. And it's 1,2,3, what are you buying him for his 70th birthday on January 1?
2. He was the high voice in the Hollies and in a famous trio/quartet of the early 70s, and his 70th birthday is February 2.
3. Her life has been a "Tapestry" of rich and royal hue, and she'll celebrate her 70th on February 9.
4. He'll be taking a "Walk on the Wild Side" into his 70th year on March 2.
5. All hail the Queen of Soul as she turns 70 on March 25. Do you "Think" she'll wear that hat?
6. Among the guests at this singer/actress/director's 70th birthday celebration on April 24 might be duet partners Neil Diamond, Donna Summer, Barry Gibb, Kim Carnes, Don Johnson, and Bryan Adams.
7. He's hoping "It Never Rains In Southern California" when he celebrates his 70th on May 18.
8. Six years after he turned 64, he'll be celebrating his 70th on June 18, and we still need him.
9. "God Only Knows" how this Beach Boy singer and songwriter will be spending his 70th on June 20.
10. Certainly the tallest individual on this list, this drummer who played on such albums as Rumours and Tusk will be 70 on June 24.
11. Hey, "Mr. Tambourine Man," play Happy Birthday for this Byrds singer and guitarist on July 13.
12. Hey, won't you play, another 70th birthday song for this 70s country/pop singer who has his birthday on August 7.
13. This Mouseketeer who also had several pop hits turns 70 on October 22.
14. This Argentinian former Chicago Symphony Orchestra music director will be 70 on November 15.
15. Unless he goes on up to the "Spirit in the Sky" before November 20, he'll live to see 70 this year.
16. Will this Monkee be wearing a wool hat to his 70th birthday party on December 30?
17. This Police-man, who was considerably older than his bandmates, turns 70 on December 31.

Bonus: Had he lived, this Becky's Island favorite guitarist/singer/composer would have celebrated his 70th birthday on August 1.

Good Luck!!!

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