Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #565 - 12/21/11

Billboard 200 Number One Albums, 1995-99

1. This rapper's Me Against The World was Number One for all of April 1995.
2. Hootie and the Blowfish came out of nowhere and saw their first album hit Number One for eight non-consecutive weeks in 1995 - what was the album?
3. What Canadian singer with a very polarizing voice had her first Number One with Jagged Little Pill in October 1995 and several more weeks in 1996?
4. The soundtrack to yet another Whitney Houston album hit Number One in early 1996; what was it?
5. The Score scored four weeks at Number One in 1996 for this reggae/hip hop band.
6. What Pearl Jam album hit Number One for two weeks in September 1996?
7. Yet another surprise Number One in 1996 was Home Again, for this reunited vocal group from Boston.
8. Their Tragic Kingdom album spent nine weeks at Number One in 1996-97.
9. This rapper's Life After Death album went to Number One posthumously in April 1997.
10. No Way Out by this rapper, later turned entrepreneur, spent four weeks at Number One in 1997.
11. This soundtrack to a Kate Winslet-Leonardo DiCaprio movie was at Number One for sixteen straight weeks in 1998.
12. He told us It's Dark and Hell Is Hot for one week at Number One in June 1998.
13. Mechanical Animals was the first Number One for this controversial band in October 1998.
14. This trio answered enough FanMail to get their album to Number One for five weeks in 1999.
15. What Backstreet Boys album spent ten weeks at Number One in 1999, maybe a year too early?
16. This band's Significant Other was Number One for four weeks in 1999.
17. The album would spend most of its Number One weeks in 2000, but what Santana collaborative album first hit Number One for three weeks in late 1999?

Bonus: All three Beatles Anthology cds hit Number One, but which one stayed there for three weeks?

Good Luck!!!

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